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Do all filter machines produce the same results?

The straight answer to this is no.The requirement to produce the very best brewing and extraction rate is a science and there are very few coffee machines that deliver this. De'Longhi machinesobservethe precise measurementsrequired to product thecoffeeofyour choiceto its optimum extraction ensuring that you get the very best coffee drinking experience.Some of these key factors are:- Using fresh water. Filter coffee is 98% water so using fresh water is essential to the quality of your coffee. You should consider using filtered water which will also reduce the risk scale build up in your machine.- Using the correct coffee grind. If the grind is too fine/small then water will pass through too slowly causing over extraction, coffee will taste bitter and thin. On the other hand if the coffee grounds are too coarse/large water will pass through too quickly and under extract, coffee will taste flat and weak.- To ensure that you brew a balanced cup of coffee you should use the correct proportion of coffee to water. More or less will result in a stronger or weaker coffee. The ideal ratio is 60g per litre of water. Typical 10 cup machine at 1.25litres will require 75g of coffee. All De'Longhi filter machines are supplied with a measuring spoon.- Correct brewing temperature. The best temperature to brew coffee is between 92-96°. At cooler temperatures the aroma compounds will not be extracted and you won't extract the full flavour of the bean. Too hot and over extracting will cause a bitter, astringent taste.