Reduce limescale and improve coffee flavour with these anti-limescale spheres

De'Longhi SoftBalls are an innovative way to prevent build-up of limescale deposits in coffee makers with water tanks. The anti-limescale spheres reduce water hardness without altering the content of calcium and magnesium ions, ensuring creamy and aromatic coffee and extending the life of your coffee maker. Each dose lasts 3 months, and SoftBalls are completely recyclable.

  • Anti-limescale spheres for coffee makers equipped with a water tank
  • Prevents limescale formation and extends the lifespan of your machine
  • Reduces water hardness while preserving the content of mineral salts in the water
  • The spheres do not release chemicals
  • Each dose lasts 3 months
Genuine care product for the best results

Genuine care product for the best results

Softballs are ideal for all De'Longhi coffee makers equipped with a water tank, and are compatible with all traditional resin and carbon filters. Use regularly to extend the life of your machine and provide an authentic coffee taste.
Easy to use
Just rinse the spheres, pour them into the water tank and let them work. Each dose lasts 3 months and can be recycled afterwards.
Anti-limescale spheres
Innovative patented system effectively prevents limescale deposits and reduces water hardness to help extend the life of the machine.
Discover how it works
Reduces limescale without altering the sensory properties of the water and without releasing chemicals, for an authentic coffee taste in every cup.