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Serious about coffee ?

The variety and origin of coffee beans give your coffee its unique aroma and flavour profile. Visit our Origins of Coffee page to discover your world of coffee.


If you’ve ever fancied being your own Barista at home, then these are the basic tools you will need to get your coffee creativity started, enjoying your perfectly crafted coffee on the way. Freshly ground from the bean to the cup: as good as the coffee shop and much cheaper per cup.


Getting serious about coffee means precision. The following tools will make all the difference in achieving a consistent taste and aroma from your favourite bean, just like a trained Barista.

Coffee weighing scales
Espresso shot measure
Milk thermometer
Barista basics

All you need to know to make your first shot.

Duration: 04:24

A favourite for those who like a longer, black coffee.

Duration: 01:59

Learn how to make this popular drink.

Duration: 02:34
Intermediate Barista

Different Espresso flavours develop over time as it is extracted.

Duration: 01:09

How the type of coffee, grinding finesse, tamping and dosing affect strength.

Duration: 00:58

Crema – the nut-coloured froth on top of an Espresso and your canvas for latte art.

Duration: 00:59
Grinding Coffee

To ensure you enjoy your favourite cup of coffee time and again without fail

Duration: 01:22

Only grind what you need and straight to the filter holder for the freshest coffee taste

Duration: 01:44

In the following videos discover how coffee is cultivated, processed and roasted, from the plant to the cup, with our series of video’s hosted by Gabriella Baiguera, consultant for Slow Food, Italy.

Coffee is a seed found in the coffee cherry.

Duration: 01:02

What determines coffee quality score?

Duration: 00:59

Coffee bean quality is defined by the origin.

Duration: 01:29

Caffeine content. How it affects flavour and aroma.

Duration: 00:52

How does roasting of coffee affect flavour and aroma?

Duration: 01:48

Matching your favourite coffee drink with the roast.

Duration: 00:52

A hazelnut micro-foam on top of Espresso.

Duration: 00:54

The espresso is the basis of many coffee shop drinks.

Duration: 00:58

When to make and enjoy different espresso-based drinks.

Duration: 01:10

Making coffee shop drinks like Cappuccino and Latte at home.

Duration: 01:04