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The Perfect Flat White Recipe


Similar to the latte but without the foam, this drink was originally created in Australia to cater for local tastes, but has since seen increased popularity in many coffee shops around the world.


  • Coffee beans - a good Italian espresso roast is recommended.
  • Milk of your choosing, any type of dairy milk is fine. Alternatively, try a dairy free alternative. Our favourite alternatives are oat milk and almond milk for a lovely creamy, nutty taste. 
Best If Prepared With
Latte Glasses Set
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Step 1
Start with your milk. Heat your milk with the traditional steam wand, ensuring you have set the LatteCrema system to the Latte setting, or if using a fully automatic coffee machine, simply press the button for a latte. If your milk frothing wand has no settings, sink the wand further into the milk to heat it. You want lots of heated milk, no foam. Tap your jug on the surface to get rid of any air bubbles. Fill a standard milk frothing jug one third full - you are using less milk than a latte.

Step 2
Next comes the perfect espresso, which takes around 20 to 30 seconds to extract, and uses around 7 to 8 grams of coffee beans for a single espresso. Drop this into your milk directly.

Step 3

Top Tips:
  • Keep trying new coffee bean roasts, even if you have a "go to" brand you love. You never know what you might discover!
  • Try new milks too. Almond milks give a lovely nutty finish, while oat milk is smooth and silky. Take care not to overheat your milk when using thicker dairy based milks such as Jersey full cream (gold top) as the milk can over thicken and turn to cream. 
  • Beans go off very quickly, and this will affect the taste of your espresso. Keep them stored in an air-tight or vacuum coffee container if you are not going to use them within three weeks. Keep your unused beans away from heat, light and moisture. We do not recommend freezing your beans, as they can easily get exposed to moisture and other foods in a freezer, which again will affect the taste. If you find you are not using them quickly enough, try buying them in smaller lots.
  • If you are using a coffee machine, keep it maintained and descale it regularly. Your machine will last much longer and give you many more years of trouble free service as a result. 
  • Your espresso contains mostly water. If your water is of poor quality, and you are using a compatible coffee machine - a water filter can help improve the taste of your coffee. 
  • Always remember to clean your milk carafe or milk frother after every session. A quick shot of steam helps, followed by a wipe with a clean cloth. Milk solids, when left in the steamer, can cause blockages and damage your machine, or cause the milk frother to malfunction. If your milk carafe is not functioning as it used to, there may be milk deposits in the system. We recommend the milk cleaner to restore your LatteCrema system back to its former glory, and regular use with prevent any problems in the future.