Dual Vap

Garments love double steam emission.

An innovative and smart solution: via the dedicated selector, you can chose between two steam delivery methods: a focused turbo shot of steam at the tip of the soleplate or a more gentle but highly effective burst of steam across the entire soleplate. Depending upon the garment and the areas to iron, you can choose the best option for a great result and for the best care of your clothes.

Dual Vap exclusive technology is conceived to offer two different ways of using the steam emission, according to ironing needs and also to the type of garments. Two steam emission options:

  • Turbo steam on the tip: an extra concentrated and extremely powerful steam flow coming from the tip to reach the most difficult areas.
  • Continuous steam across the entire inner soleplate: to moisturise a larger area of the garment with a gentle but highly effective steam flow.

Sistemi za peglanje

Širok asortiman sistema za peglanje, bogat detaljima, ekskluzivnim i patentiranim posebnostima. Peglanje je nežno kao i tkanina.

Dupla grejna ploča

Mi verujemo da je duplo bolje.

Eko zona

Optimizacija performansi i energije.

Easyturbo dugme

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