Dual Soleplate

We believe double is better.

Double ironing action for perfect ironing.

This patented technology gives you the ironing effectiveness of two materials on a single soleplate and the maximum benefits on all types of fabrics. The patented double profile soleplate can help you shorten ironing time by it's unique ironing profile between the outer frame and the inner soleplate. Finally the narrow tip design allows you to reach even the most difficult areas, while the wide rear maximises even heat distribution to the garment to finish the ironing process.

  • The efficiency of the 2 materials come together to guarantee ideal heat transmission and excellent performance.
  • The stainless steel inner soleplate guarantees perfect gliding, thanks to its strong ironing power.
  • The ceramic outer surface assures fast heat distribution over the soleplate.
  • The unique "double

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Eko zona

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