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MultiGrill 900


Savour the taste of grilled meals, homemade and all yours to enjoy

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Enjoy deliciously light food that's grilled to perfection with the De'Longhi MultiGrill 900. Choose between grill and griddle plates to cook a range of recipes from breakfast to dinner. The die-cast plates have an embedded heating element, with mechanical thermostats allowing you to control the temperature of the two plates independently for precise grilling.

• Embedded heating element and mechanical thermostat ensure quicker grilling times
• Removable grease drip tray collects grease for lighter results
• Includes a complete set of grill and griddle cooking plates
• Non-stick coating and removable grease collector for easy cleaning

Perfectly grilled dishes for any occasion

Perfectly grilled dishes for any occasion

The De’Longhi MultiGrill 900 offers superior accuracy for superior cuisine. The heating elements are embedded into the die-cast plates for uniform heat distribution, ensuring that your food is evenly cooked.
Absolute cooking precision in your hands

Absolute cooking precision in your hands

The dual mechanical thermostats let you manage each plate independently for precise temperature control and delicious results.
1 complete set of plates

1 complete set of plates

Comes with a complete set of grill and griddle cooking plates for a range of grilling options.
Contact grill
Lets you make gloriously crunchy toasted sandwiches or hamburgers, as well as juicy and tender steaks or fish fillets, again and again.
Open grill
Ideal for meat and fish as well as for your home parties. Maximise your grilling area by using all of its surface: good to grill for up to 6 people at once.
Oven grill
Variety is the key, allowing you to grill with the bottom plate and roast with the top one: perfect for bruschetta or any food that can’t be squashed.
Free MultiGrill App
Get tips and tricks for using your grill with the MultiGrill app. Master familiar recipes and try out new, full-flavoured recipes with step-by-step instructions.


Tehnični podatki
Mere (ŠxGxV) (mm) 365x315x173
Dimenzije ploščic (ŠxG) (mm) 290x230
Vhodna moč (W) 2000
Nazivna napetost/frekvenca (V~Hz) 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Prilagodljiv termostat
Grelni element Embedded
Neodvisen nadzor temperature krožnika
Površina proti prijemanju
Komplet plošč 1 Grill plate, 1 Griddle plate
Zbiralnik maščobe Integrated, Removable
Sistem za zaklepanje hrambe
Ročaji Cool Touch
Odstranljiva plošča
Varnostni termostat
Kontrolna lučka
Kuhalne lege Oven Grill, Open Grill (flat), Contact Grill (close)
Nadzorna plošča
Elementi za upravljanje Mechanical

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CGH920 Multigrill 900 Grill

MultiGrill 900


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