Hanging up and drying

Hanging up it's not a follow difficult task, but there are some tips we recommend you in order to make ironing easier and faster:

  • Hang up clothes upside down
  • Hang up clothes from the hem with clothes pegs
  • Skirts and trousers should be hung up from the waist, fixing them at a number of points
  • Never overlap garments
  • Sweatshirts, sweaters and T-shirts should be hung up inside out so that the mark of the clothes line is inside
  • Jumpers and delicate items should be spread out flat to avoid them losing their shape
  • It's suggested to iron silk garments when they are still damp
  • Hang up coloured items in the shade to avoid the colour fading
  • If the colour may run, leave a space between the items
  • To dry sheets fast and well, hang them up by the ends