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Our Traditional Manual Coffee Makers

Traditional Manual
Coffee Makers 

Traditional Manual Coffee Makers 

Experience the art of coffee making with De'Longhi traditional manual coffee makers. Discover our Dedica range, where exquisite taste and timeless style come together to deliver unique coffee and milk creations.
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A sip of Italian design

Created with both form and function in mind, our traditional manual coffee makers are the perfect addition to any coffee lover's kitchen. With a minimalist yet elegant design and an array of features to deliver the perfect cup of coffee, our Dedica range is the ultimate expression of style and quality.

Engineered beauty

Timeless style and high performance for an authentic barista experience at home.
Compact Design
Coffee Quality
Thermoblock Technology
Intuitive Control Panel


Proudly small and effortlessly chic

Experience superior elegance and extreme practicality with our compact and stylish traditional manual coffee makers, available in a steel or matte finish and a range of distinctive colours.


The authentic Espresso experience

Create a coffee that's as rich and flavourful as the one served in Italian coffee shops with our traditional manual coffee makers. The filter holder of Dedica Style and the single and double size filters of Dedica Arte, which allow you to use up to 16 grams of coffee powder, ensure the perfect balance of aroma and taste.


Perfect temperature in just 40 seconds

Our Dedica Style and Dedica Arte traditional manual coffee makers feature the unique Thermoblock Heating System to quickly reach the optimal extraction temperature, so you can enjoy your favourite coffee drinks in just a few seconds.


Simple, instant coffee pleasure

De'Longhi traditional manual coffee makers, like the models of the Dedica range, offer an easy-to-use control panel with 3 illuminated buttons, for simple and immediate extraction.

Café-quality milk frothing

Perfect your Latte Arte creations at home with our traditional manual coffee makers featuring the integrated My LatteArt steam wand, such as Dedica Arte, which releases just the right amount of steam to create a barista-quality microfoam. Or choose the exclusive Adjustable Cappuccino System of Dedica Style to easily froth or steam milk for creamy Cappuccinos and delicious Lattes.

Discover our Traditional Manual Coffee Makers


Which De'Longhi coffee maker is
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Which De'Longhi coffee maker is right for you?

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