• Prossure and steam emission
    Pressure and steam emission

    Pressure is important to determine the quality of the steam into the boiler (more dry, less dry). The higher the pressure the better the quality because the water particles, being smaller, do not wet the garment too much. A pressure 4 to 5 bars is ideal for steam to efficiently penetrate into the fibers and to stretch them. During ironing a drier steam is better to finish the process correctly, and achieve optimal results.

    Double anticalc system

    Ironing longer and with better results also means protecting your ironing system from aging and the aggression of calcium. Equipped with a new corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior to last longer, Stirella also has the exclusive built-in Double Anti-calc system, a new mechanism that eliminates calcium. This is conceived with the following two concepts:

    • 1. Extra Anti-calc cap: access to the boiler for rinsing to efficiently protection against calcium and minerals commonly found in water.
    • 2. Regenerating Anti-calc filter: it blocks calcium before it enters the system's working parts, thus protecting the appliance for longer.
    Lock system

    It keeps the iron locked to the appliance when moving from one place to another, offering a totally safe product during use and storage.

    Iron resting mat

    A convenient removable mat for resting the iron on when not in use. By being detachable from the appliance it provides a high level of comfort during the ironing process as it can be placed anywhere on the ironing board.

    Variable profile soleplate

    The two-stage design of the Dual Soleplate, together with the double material and the patented profile, is a solution developed to provide maximum benefit during the ironing process. The thin tip of the soleplate is ideal for the most difficult-to-reach areas such as collars and buttons. The wide rear of the soleplate maximises even heat distribution to the garment to finish the ironing process.

    Auto shut off

    Advanced safety feature that switches the iron off after 30 seconds if left unattended on the ironing board and after 8 minutes if left vertically standing and plugged in.

    Vertical ironing

    A powerful horizontal shot of steam, ideal for refreshing and removing superficial creases on dresses, jackets, curtains and other garments. It can even save money on dry cleaning.

    Domestic and professional ironing

    De'Longhi ironing range offers you a choice between two different products: the domestic iron and the the former is designed with a very thick soleplate and a cork handle, for those who prefer ironing the traditional way.

Sistemi za glačanje

Sistem za peglanje

Široki asortiman sistema za glačanje bogat detaljima i ekskluzivnim i patentiranim posebnostima. Glačanje je nježno kao i tkanina.

Ekskluzivna tehnologija

Ekskluzivna tehnologija

Briga o svakom detalju zahvaljujući De'Longhi tehnologiji glačanja.

Kvaliteta glačanja

Kvaliteta glačanja

Kvaliteta i odgovornost su osnovni fokus razvoja naših proizvoda.

Naša povijest

Naša povijest

Otkrijte povijest sistema za glačanje.

Vodič za glačanje

Vodič za glačanje

Otkrijte sve tajne savršenog glačanja!