Edy Bieker: Blend quality class

“Simply mixing two coffees with various different proportions gives endless possibilities.”

Edy is vice president of the Sandali Trading Company of Trieste, a company specialized in the trade of raw coffee, which makes him the ideal person to explain the impact blends are having on the coffee industry and how to identify a good blend.

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Every single type of raw coffee has particular characteristics it develops after roasting and extraction. Some of these characteristics are strong, others more delicate. So when they’re blended, essentially different characteristics are put together giving a unique result that often gives even more satisfaction. Individual origins can give certain sensations. Blends can sometimes be more complete. Depending on the time of day, perhaps one way of drinking it is better than another. At the end of the day, what’s important is curiosity. Curiosity of the consumer to find different products, and more awareness about how they are offered and what they represent.


A harmony of art and science, enjoyed by coffee experts

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