Elisa Urdich: Barista in the world

“There is more curiosity around coffee culture, people are paying more attention to what they’re drinking.”

Elisa is the manager of a Specialty café in her hometown of Treviso, and also the Italian champion of the Brewers Cup 2020. In this episode of Behind Your Coffee, she talks about how coffee culture is evolving across the world and her own experiences of working on the other side of the planet.

The episode
Coffee culture is changing and that’s a good thing. Most of the time this change is driven by curiosity. Curiosity to understand more about ingredients and origins, and therefore the world of coffee is expanding exponentially. Without a shadow of a doubt, the coffee world needs more bartenders out there engaging coffee lovers. Elisa started out wanting to learn something new in Australia, but she soon discovered that coffee is a universal language that evolves constantly.


A harmony of art and science, enjoyed by coffee experts

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