Easter cake with almonds

Easter cake with almonds

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Calories: 538

  1. Prepare the dough. Mix the hot milk, yeast, sugar and 2 tablespoons of flour and let rise for 20 minutes.
  2. Then add the remaining flour, sugar, vanilla, salt and egg and knead well. When finished add the margarine, sour cream and vegetable oil.
  3. Rinse the raisins and dried apricots, dry, dredge in flour and add to the dough. Fold the dough gently and put on the greaseproof paper.
  4. Remove the paddle from the bowl.
  5. Close the lid, select the AIRGRILL program, select power level 4, set 2 minutes and press the program start/stop button. When finished, put the dough inside on top of the greaseproof paper, close the lid and let rise for 30 minutes.
  6. Brush the cake with beaten egg and sprinkle with almond flakes.
  7. Allow the dough to rise in a warm location for another 60 minutes.
  8. When rising is complete, select the CAKE program, select power level 2, set 40 minutes and press the program start/stop button.
  9. Remove the cake and sprinkle with icing sugar


  • Flour: 750 gr
  • Hot milk: 320 ml
  • Sugar: 250 gr
  • Eggs: 3
  • Fresh yeast: 50 gr
  • Salt: 1 teaspoon
  • Vanilla sugar: 1 packet
  • Dried apricots and raisins: 150 gr
  • Margarine at room temperature: 40 gr
  • Sour cream: 40 gr
  • Vegetable oil: 25 gr
  • Almond flakes: 40 gr
  • Egg: 1
  • Baking moulds:

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