chicken drumsticks with honey sauce

chicken drumsticks with honey sauce

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  • Preparation time: 
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  • Serves: Up to 4 people


Calories: 333

  1. Mix the chopped garlic, honey, salt, pepper, thyme and lemon juice.
  2. Massage the chicken with the sauce.
  3. Insert the paddle in the bowl.
  4. Put the chicken drumsticks in the bowl along with the oil. Close the lid, select the OVEN program, select power level 3, set 40 minutes and press the program start/stop button.
  5. At the end of the set time, put the drumsticks in a serving dish and pour the sauce it created while cooking over top.


  • Medium chicken drumsticks: 6
  • Garlic: 3 cloves
  • Honey: 1 tablespoon
  • Salt: to taste
  • pepper: to taste
  • lemon juice: 2 tablespoons
  • Thyme: 1 teaspoon.
  • Vegetable oil: level 4

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