PrimaDonna Soul


Bean Adapt Technology.

It’s the ultimate De’Longhi innovation when it comes to master the coffee preparation. The Bean Adapt Technology adapts the machines settings according to the coffee bean you choose.

It balances grinding level, the dose of coffee and the infusion temperature so to ensure the perfect coffee extraction while preserving and exalting the peculiar flavors and aromas of the coffee variety.

PrimaDonna Soul

The true aroma of your coffee beans.

The perfect coffee extraction preserves and exalts all the coffee aromas so to let you enjoy the most aromatic and tasty coffee.

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PrimaDonna Soul

coffee beans

The difference is in the bean.

Many coffee lovers believe that the difference in the taste, acidity and body of a cup of coffee depends on whether the beans are Arabica or Robusta, but the true coffee connoisseurs know there's much more than one reason. Coffee beans may look all similar to each other, but inside they are all very different. It’s during the roasting process that the bean’s truest flavors are extracted and enhanced. Because of their peculiarities, also the grinding level and brewing parameters play an essential role when it comes to have the perfect coffee extraction.

Enjoy milk beverages at their best.

With the new PrimaDonna Soul you can easily prepare at a touch of a button all your favourite milk based beverages.

PrimaDonna Soul

Discovery all the characteristics of the
LatteCrema System.

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PrimaDonna Soul

At the touch of a button,
the widest variety of beverages.

Up to up to 21 beverages, including Long black, Brew Over Ice.