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  • Sometimes yellow or brown coloured water leaks out of the iron plate during ironing. What should I do?

    This might be due to residues of calcium or other minerals which have accumulated inside the iron and are ejected by the steam holes together with the excess water due to incorrect temperature or steam setting. Example: steam ironing with temperature in the "1 circle" area.

    Solution :

    1. Perform limescale cleaning. In this way the internal generator shall be cleaned. For instructions on this procedure refer to the relative section in the user manual according to the purchased model. This operation is very important and should be carried out periodically or when the dedicated lights switch on.
    2. In order to remove the limescale from the iron plate fill the ironing system water tank
    3. Switch the iron on and set the temperature to the position corresponding to a dot.
    4. Wait for the ironing system to be ready for steam emission.
    5. Lay a cloth on the ironing board.
    6. Pass the iron over the cloth whilst releasing steam. Note: steam and water come out of the plate with a gurgling noise. At the same time the residues are ejected (brown coloured water). Continue until all the
    7. The iron is now clean. Switch it off and disconnect the ironing system from the mains. Clean any calcium residues with water and dry the plate.

    Water comes out of the iron at the start of ironing

    1. The steam button may have been pressed or the steam block may have been activated before the system heated up completely. Check that the steam block button is not activated.
    2. Having switched the system on, wait from 2 to 8 minutes before pressing the steam button.
    3. Before starting to iron, we recommend using the iron on a cloth. Start ironing when no more water is leaking out. This precaution is necessary only when switching the system on because steam condenses in the feed pipe during cooling.
    4. The iron thermostat is set at a temperature too low for the item to be ironed. In this case the plate is not able to make the steam evaporate completely. Set the thermostat to 2 circles or more when ironing with steam.
    5. In models equipped with auto-off, the steam distribution button has been pressed without waiting for the system to restore temperature and pressure as indicated by the relative luminous indicators.
  • Why does the ironing system make a noise when first switched on or when the water in the tank is nearly finished?

    On first switch-on or when there is no water in the tank it is normal that the pump which pushes the water from the tank to the generator becomes noisier. Use in this condition does not compromise the good operation of the product nor does it mean there is a fault. In order to avoid it just fill the tank with water again without waiting for the level warning from the dedicated light.

  • Why does the ironing system make a noise during ironing?

    A pumping noise coming from the ironing system is usually heard every now and again; this happens when the water is pumped from the water tank inside the generator. In order to reduce the noise level, we recommend placing the steam generator onto a soft surface or putting it on soft cloth.

  • Which sort of water should I use?

    Ironing systems usually work with tap water. In the case of high calcium content water (hardness higher than 27°F) we suggest using demineralised water diluted with 50% with tap water. Never use demineralised water on its own. Do not use chemical substances or detergents (e.g. scented water, essences, decalcifying solutions, etc.). For further details please consult the product user manual.

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