Espresso Affogato

  • Recipe difficulty: Easy
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  • 30 ml/one shot of espresso coffee
  • One scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Liqueur (if desired)


  • Your De’Longhi coffee machine
  • A glass ice cream dish


Few things are as simple yet so fulfilling. “Affogato” is the Italian for “drowned” as this delicious dessert is simply ice cream drenched in coffee. It’s essential you serve it immediately as the hot shot of coffee starts to melt the ice cream, melding the flavors together. You just don’t want to leave it too long and get an ice cream-coffee puddle!

Make using a premium ice cream with a high natural vanilla content, then add your favorite liqueur for an extra kick. We recommend using a freshly brewed espresso coffee. It’s just not the same with anything else.

Simply scoop the vanilla ice cream into the cup and use an automatic coffee machine or pod machine to quickly and easily produce espresso,. Poor over the ice cream. If desired, add a splash of your favorite liqueur.

TIP: Scoop the ice cream into the glass dish and put the dish back in the freezer until it is ice cold. This way, when the coffee is added, the ice cream won’t melt too quickly.
For an interesting and gourmet twist, garnish with lemon or lime peel or sea salt.

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