Latte Macchiato

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  • Espresso coffee
  • Milk
  • Ground cinnamon (optional)


  • Your De’Longhi espresso machine
  • A metal milk jug and milk thermometer (or use the integrated milk frothing and temperature functions on your De’Longhi coffee machine if available)
  • Caffelatte glass (to serve)

Two Kinds of Macchiato

There are two different and opposing types of Macchiato: a Latte Macchiato is for those who prefer a very milky coffee with just a small caffeine boost, and the Caffé Macchiato for those who crave their caffeine kick but also want a creamy taste.

 The term Macchiato literally translates as "stained" or "marked". In either type of Macchiato, the addition of a splash of white milk (in black coffee) or black coffee (in white milk) "marks" the drink and differentiates it. Here's how to make both kinds!


For a Latte Macchiato


  • With the steam wand of your De’Longhi machine, heat and froth the milk, or use an electric milk frother.
  • Pour the milk into a warmed glass — by warming the glass first you will serve your drink at the optimum temperature.
  • Make your espresso coffee and slowly pour on top of the milk so that the coffee will form a layer between the milk and froth.
  • Add chocolate/cinnamon if desired.


Using a Nespresso machine will save you time in making the espresso, cleaning up and steaming your own milk. The automatic milk steamer will create a large quantity of perfectly steamed milk and the convenient espresso pods gives you a greater variety of flavour and fresh tastes.

For a Caffe Macchiato

An espresso with a small amount of milk. You can use either hot milk to make a Macchiato Caldo (marked hot); or cold milk to make a Macchiato Freddo (marked cold).


  • Make the espresso using your De’Longhi pump espresso machine.
  • Add sugar to taste.
  • Splash in a small amount of milk to ‘stain’ the coffee.


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