Classic Coffee Drinks

Dating back centuries following its journey from the Arabian Peninsula to the cities of Europe before its introduction to New York in the mid-1660s, it is estimated that today, 65% of Americans will enjoy a cup of coffee with their breakfast.

Using the coffee recipes below, De’Longhi invites you to recreate the sweetness of a latte or taste the aromatic notes of a strong espresso with the help of its bean-to-cup coffee machines.

De’Longhi’s easy-to-use automatic pump espresso machines only need one simple touch to produce an authentic, dark and rich expresso – the classic Italian way to enjoy coffee.

Or if a frothy cappuccino is the key to your morning wake-up routine, De’Longhi’s simple coffee recipe will help you to recreate this creamy and increasingly popular favorite.

If you are more of a tea lover, click on the recipe below to find out how, using one of De’Longhi’s automatic espresso and cappuccino machines, you can make the perfect cup of tea at the touch of a button. These classic coffee recipes are easy to customize and simple to recreate, allowing you to enjoy an authentic espresso, creamy latte or cappuccino at home.