AC 150

This item is no longer available

- AQS system: the air quality is constantly screened during the use of the machine, and the lights will change colour depending on bad, moderate or good air quality
- GAS&ODOUR sensor: when the sensor captures particles of smoke and gas, in AUTO mode the fan accelerates its speed to clean the air in a more efficient and quicker way
- TiO2 FILTER + UV light: very effective against all air impurities, the UV light has the property of destroying the cells of the particles that are then collected by this special photo-catalyst filter
- HEPA FILTER: effective against dust particles as small as 0.3 µ m in diameter or bigger
- CARBON FILTER: effective against various harmful gases thanks to the property of active carbons
- IONIZER: it neutralizes the particles of dust, pollen, car fumes and smoke contained in the air
Washable re-usable PRE-FILTER
- Timer off 1-2-4-8 hours 
- Filter dirty indicator: after 720 hours of use the machine advices that the 2in1 Hepa+Active Carbon filter needs to be replaced
- Control panel with SENSOR TOUCH SCREEN