Tasciugo AriaDry Light DNC 65

This item is no longer available

SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY DEHUMIDIFIER WITHOUT COMPRESSOR: the moisture removed by this dehumidifier at 20°C / 60% RU corresponds to that removed by any traditional 6l/24h dehumidifier at the same temperature conditions

- Pull-up carry handle.
- Electronic antifreeze (down to 1°C).
- Continuous drain discharge.
- Three different dehumidification power levels: AUTO, MAX and MIN.
- Electronic shut-off timer up to 8 h.
- "Tank Control System": the unit automatically stops when the tank is full.
- SWING function: 3-position oscillating louvers to optimize the air distribution. 
- Very noiseless operation: only 34 dB(A)! 
- Clothes drying function: removes up to 6 l/d at any temperature condition
Separately controlled ionizer.
- Tank capacity: 2 litres.
- Visible tank water level.
- Antibacterial filter.