BCO 420

This item is no longer available

15bar espresso combi machine and 10 cups filter coffee machine to prepare excellent espresso coffee, cappuccino and filter or barley-based coffee.
Stainless steel finishing.
- 15 bar espresso.
- 2 in 1 Crema filter holder suitable for ground coffee (1 or 2 cups) and E.S.E. pods.
- Capuccino system: thanks to its special emulsion system, this new design improves performances in preparing your creamy cappuccino.
- Removable water reservoir (1,2L) for easy water re-fill and easy cleaning.
- Anti – drip system.
- Removable drip tray.
- Water filtration: anti-chlorine and anti-hardeners filtrationcartridge included.
- Practical cup warming plate,
to keep your coffee cups warm,
just like at the coffee shop.
- Cups capacity: 10 cups.
- Complete frontal loading system: thanks to the esclusive patented pivotable refilling-area, allows easy refill of water and coffee from the front without moving the machine.
- Drip-stop device permits removing the jug anytime including while coffee is brewing.
- Jug warmer base to keep coffee hot after the brewing.
- Disposable V shape.
- Anti-drip system.
- Water reservoir (max 1,4 L).
- Water filtration: anti-chlorine filtration cartridge included.