5 Burner 90cm Slimline Gas Cooktop DEGHSL90

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  • Flame Failure Safety Cut-Off

    Flame Failure Safety Cut-Off

    If the flame accidentally extinguishes, the rapid safety valve will sense the increased gas flow rate, automatically shutting down the flow of gas.

  • Instant Automatic Ignition

    Instant Automatic Ignition

    With just the push of a button, an electronic device causes a continuous series of sparks to quickly and easily ignite the selected burner.

  • Triple Ring Burner

    Triple Ring Burner

    A powerful triple ring burner for rapid cooking and even heat distribution, making it perfect for Wok cooking.

  • Dual Burner

    Dual Burner

    The dual burner offers high performance with two independent fire crowns combining together. The inner and outer rings of flame are controlled ​​by independent knobs for more accurate temperature control.