La Specialista EC9335.M

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  • Sensor Grinding Technology

    Sensor Grinding Technology

    Have your coffee made to perfection with just the right amount of coffee dose thanks to the unique grinding sensors for a consistently perfect coffee dose.

  • Smart Tamping Station

    Smart Tamping Station

    After grinding, tamp directly in the filter holder by simply pushing lever down. Tamping will stop once the correct pressure is delivered on the coffee ground.

  • Active Temperature Control

    Active Temperature Control

    The water temperature is kept stable during the brewing process for the best extraction. Two independent heating systems ensure no waiting time between coffee and milk preparation.

  • Advanced Latte System

    Advanced Latte System

    Simply choose between FLAT for hot milk or FOAM for milk frothing on the steam wand selector, place the jug in and wait until the desired result is reached.