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Our Bean-to-Cup Manual Coffee Makers

Bean-to-Cup Manual
Coffee Makers

Experience all the charm of manual coffee makers with the added convenience of an integrated grinder for freshly ground beans. Unleash your inner barista with La Specialista range by De'Longhi and create café-quality masterpieces with every cup.
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Quality coffee, crafted effortlessly

Enjoy a quality coffee experience with the new La Specialista Opera. Designed to deliver a rich taste every time, La Specialista Opera uses technology that supports you at each stage of the coffee making process, keeping you in control, effortlessly.
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Designed for the Perfetto coffee experience, from bean to cup

Our bean-to-cup manual coffee makers feature the finest De'Longhi technologies to support you throughout the coffee making process and release the full potential of your favourite beans.


Unlocking all the aromatic
flavours of your beans

From the traditional standard grinder of La Specialista Arte to the Sensor Grinding Technology of La Specialista Maestro and Opera, our bean-to-cup manual coffee makers deliver a superior ground coffee every time.


The precision of a barista
without the hassle

La Specialista Maestro and La Specialista Opera feature the Smart Tamping Station for even tamp pressure and consistent results over time. Or, if you want to showcase your tamping skills, La Specialista Arte and La Specialista Arte Evo are equipped with the Dosing and Tamping guide for a mess-free barista experience.


The finest coffee taste with
every brew

From the temperature consistency of the Active Temperature Control to the gentle process of the Cold Extraction Technology that protects your coffee’s floral flavours, our bean-to-cup manual coffee makers offer a balanced brewing experience that satisfies all coffee tastes.


The perfect Cappuccino at

Experience the art of manually crafting barista-quality microfoam with the integrated My LatteArt steam wand. La Specialista Maestro also features LatteCrema Hot Technology, allowing you to create a creamy, long lasting foam at the touch of a button.


Enjoy your coffee, your way

Our bean-to-cup coffee makers are your gateway to a tailor-made barista experience. From the comforting warmth of milk-based drinks to the invigorating freshness of cold brews, you can enjoy all your favourite recipes while easily exploring new ones.

Complete coffee mastery

La Specialista offers the complete package for coffee lovers looking to recreate the coffee shop feeling in the comfort of their own home. Pairing the timeless design of a traditional coffee maker with state-of-the-art technology it transforms your daily coffee ritual into an unforgettable hands-on experience.

Cold Extraction Technology

La Specialista Arte Evo, La Specialista Opera and La Specialista Maestro feature De'Longhi's innovative Cold Extraction Technology, specifically designed to extract the floral aroma and natural sweetness of your favourite coffee beans, using low pressure and room-temperature water. The result is a deliciously refreshing Cold Brew coffee with a smooth, sweet and less acidic taste. And with La Specialista Opera and Maestro, you can also indulge in a velvety Espresso Cool, the first cold Espresso on a bean-to-cup manual coffee maker.
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Discover our Bean-to-Cup Manual Coffee Makers


La Specialista Arte Intuitive design. Authentic experience.
My LatteArt manual milk frothing
Barista tool-kit with Dosing and Tamping guide Traditional grinder - 8 settings 2 pre-set drinks
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La Specialista Arte Evo Compact size. Big performance.
My LatteArt manual milk frothing Cold Extraction Technology for Cold Brew coffee Barista tool-kit with Dosing and Tamping guide Traditional grinder - 8 settings 3 pre-set drinks
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La Specialista Opera Effortless sophistication. Superb coffee.
My LatteArt manual milk frothing Cold Extraction Technology for Cold Brew coffee Smart Tamping Station Sensor Grinding Technology with 15 grind settings 6 pre-set hot and cold drinks
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La Specialista Maestro Refined precision. Masterful creations.
My LatteArt manual milk frothing and LatteCrema Hot Technology Cold Extraction Technology for Cold Brew and Espresso Cool Smart Tamping Station Sensor Grinding Technology with 8 grind settings 8 pre-set hot and cold drinks
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