Hot Marocchino

Hot Marocchino

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  • Coffee beans
  • 200 ml of cold milk
  • Cocoa powder
  • Crushed nuts


  • MixCarafe with choco stirrer
  • Thermal Carafe with LatteCrema System
  • Strainer/Sieve for chocolate powder


  1. To create the first part of the recipe prepare a cup of hot chocolate inthe MixCarafe using the maximum level of density and pour it into thecup until it reaches around 1/3 of the glass.
  2. Place the glass of hot chocolate directly under the coffee dispenser.
  3. With the cup under the coffee dispenser, prepare a single espresso, atthe desired level of aroma.
  4. Fill the Thermal Carafe with LatteCrema System with 100 ml of coldmilk and prepare hot milk foam, choosing the maximum level, to reachthe rim of the glass.
  5. To complete the recipe, decorate with cocoa powder (using thestrainer/sieve) and a handful of crushed nuts.

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