PrimaDonna S Evo

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Admire the perfection

With PrimaDonna S Evo every coffee you prepare is a masterpiece. The beautifully rich and intense colours resemble art within a cup, a pleasure to enjoy before it even reaches your lips.

Perfect espresso Compact with a nut colour crema
Balanced and long lasting taste
Dense and rounded body
Rich and roasted aroma
Perfect milk drinks Creamy and dense froth
Right balance between foam and liquid
Right temperature
Long lasting pleasure

Just one touch to create a masterpiece

Your chosen coffee beverage can be enjoyed with just one touch or through the quick and easy to use Drink Menu presented on the intuitive LCD display. From an authentic Italian Espresso to a delicious Latte Macchiato, PrimaDonna S Evo can deliver up to 14 authentic recipes.

PrimaDonna S Evo can also be programmed remotely with the dedicated De’Longhi Coffee Link app, which allows you to create then save your unique recipes and even deliver your beverage through you mobile device.

Satisfy everyone taste

Thanks to the My Menu button you can set and save your favourite beverages and even add your friends and family desired beverages too.

World leading technology

Engineered by De’Longhi to create exceptional coffee and for the freshest beverages everytime.

Perfectly ground and freshbeans for the best aroma De'Longhi's conical metal grinders guarantees the best extraction of flavour and aroma. The Tubeless System reduces the amount of ground coffee left in the grind circuit to have freshest powder every time.

The heart of PrimaDonna S Evo De'Longhi brewing unit doses and compacts the ground guarantee optimal infusion pressure to extract the perfect, creamy, dense and aromatic coffee.

Always the optimal temperature The thermoblock system is dedicated only to heat the water at the ideal temperature for coffee preparation.

The De'Longhi's exclusive LatteCrema System uses a mixing device that automatically delivers a dense, rich, long lasting milk foam - just like a professional Barista!

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