Clean the soleplate

How can I clean the soleplate?

The soleplate is the heart of the ironing process, coming costantly in contact with the garments. Therefore carrying out a proper clean of the soleplate, both internally and externally, is essential to ensure that the ironing result meets the expectations, avoiding unpleasant situations such as brown stains on clothes... Here are some tips on how carry out a thorough clean...

  • Internally Preventing the unpleasant brown water that sometimes comes out of the soleplate holes: How is this done on a steam generator iron? The soleplate through using the self clean button: this can be achieved by rinsing operation in the long term will help prevent the brown residue that comes out form the soleplate.
  • Externally There are a number of different methods for clean the soleplate externally. We suggest using a soft and moist cloth without adding any chemicals or abrasives, which could damage the coating of the soleplate. Always carry out any cleaning with the unit unplugged and with a cool iron