Ideal room temperature

 Temperature is indicative of the quantity of heat present in a room: the right temperature not only make our home more welcoming, but it also makes it more livable. 
All year long, De’Longhi guarantees the optimal temperature control, thanks to its wide range of heating and cooling/portable air conditioning appliances

(Portable) air conditioners works by transferring heat outside, removing it from the room itself. The Pinguino system delivers this quickly by exploiting it's internal power, through effective cooling and performance efficiency. 

Heating appliances warm up your environments, spreading hot air in 3 possible different ways:
  • By Conduction: Heat transmitted through a surface. The heat we feel when touching something warm.
  • By Convection: Heat is carried by air through natural movement. This is the heat we feel when hot air rises from a hot surface, without touching that surface.
  • By Radiation: Heat spreads via invisible light waves that passing through the air and turn into heat when they encounter a solid object in the environment. It is the same principle by which we feel the heat from the sun!

Ideal comfort

Ideal comfort

De'Longhi has identified ideal comfort standards. Please visit to know more