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  • How to reach a perfect and rich milk froth?

    Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature (5°C).
    On automatic cappuccino system you can also set your preferred froth level.
    Milk deposit and dirt inside the milk circuit and tank can lower the frothing performances. Make sure to clean regularly the milk container following properly the user manual.

  • How frequent to use descaler cleaning and which kind of descaler product to use?

    It depends on water hardness and on the usage frequency of the machine.
    Some models are equipped with a water hardness tester to set properly the machine.
    Automatic machines (*) are equipped with a descale alarm.
    Descaling process on non automatic machine is recommended approximately after 300 coffee or as soon as the machine lower its original performances (approx after 300 coffee)
    Please use De'Longhi's descaler only. Under no circumstances should you use sulphamic or acetic based descalers

  • How to dispense hot water for tea beverages?

    With both pump machines and fully automatic machines you can easily dispense hot water to prepare hot tea or other beverages which need hot water.
    Please follow your machine instruction manual to proceed correctly.

  • How can I choose or modify the coffee temperature?

    On automatic machines you can set your preferred coffee temperature level.
    To reach a perfect in cup espresso temperature we suggest to warm up previously the cup with the cup warmer (if present) or with steam/hot water.
    Before dispense the first coffee, it can be useful to dispense some hot water, or to do a rinsing cycle in order to warm up all the system.
    If coffee is not anyway hot enough, the machine probably require a descaling process.

  • Can I use any coffee powder to make an espresso?

    No, only powder for espresso machines. Espresso requires a specific range of powder grinding which is different to filter coffee or moka coffee.
    Different type of grinding level, even in espresso range, can provide different tastes.
    On fully automatic machines you can set your grinding level and taste preferences.
    On pump machines the in-cup coffee flavor (stronger or weaker) can be adjusted pressing differently the powder inside the filter holder.

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