Portable Air Conditioners

Comfort and convenience without compromise is the secret to our De’Longhi portable air conditioners giving you perfect living conditions anywhere at anytime.


The silence of power

Pinguino Silent, up to 50% more silent*

* Tested in our laboratory by comparing the maximum sound level using max. fan speed vs sound level with min. fan speed

A gust of fresh air and wellness

As the only portable air conditioner range to feature real feel technology, this product is able to analyse and process your environmental conditions to provide the ideal combination of temperature and humidity for maximum comfort - all at the touch of a button.

More technology for more benefits

Not only cold, but also super cold

water-to-air technology: SUPER COLD

Our Pinguino portable air conditioners represent the perfect combination of power, wellness and eco-friendliness thanks to the water to air technology. It doesn’t just offer you cold it offers super cold!

air-to-air technology: COLD

The main benefit of our air to air technology is the ability to run a high performing air conditioner that’s compact in size, maximising energy efficiency to get best in class comfort that’s exceptionally quiet.

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E.E.R. Indice di Efficienza Energetica = Potenza frigorifera in kW/Potenza assorbita
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