Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

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  • Milk or water (at fridge temperature)
  • Chocolate or cocoa powder


  • MixCarafe with choco stirrer


  1. To start, scroll through the beverages and select “HOT CHOCOLATE” from the display, then:
     - Choose number of cups: 1 or 2
     - Choose density level: minimum, medium or maximum
  2. Make sure the choco stirrer and the tube are inserted into the MixCarafe.
  3. Pour milk (or water) at fridge temperatureinto the MixCarafe through the funnel:
     - 100 ml for 1 cup
     - 200 ml for 2 cups
  4. Once done, add chocolate or cocoa powder to the MixCarafe through the funnel:
     - 2 measures (25 g) for 1 cup
     - 4 measures (50 g) for 2 cups
  5. Fit the lid, attach the MixCarafe to the connecting nozzle and press the button as instructed on the screen.
  6. Delicious hot chocolate will be ready in a few seconds!


If using normal chocolate or cocoa powder we recommend you add a teaspoon of corn starch to create a thicker texture.

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