Cold Milk Foam

Cold Milk Foam

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  • 100 ml of cold milk for small size
  • 200 ml of cold milk for large size


  • MixCarafe with aero stirrer


  1. To start, scroll through the beverages and select “COLD MILK FOAM” from the display, then:
    - Choose cup size: small or large
    - Choose froth quantity: minimum, medium or maximum
  2. Make sure the aero stirrer is inserted into the MixCarafe.
  3. Pour milk at fridge temperature into the MixCarafe through the funnel:
     - 100 ml for small size
     - 200 ml for large size
  4. Then, fit the lid, attach the MixCarafe to the connecting nozzle and press the button as instructed on the screen.
  5. Creamy cold milk will be ready in few seconds!


For best results use semi skimmed milk.

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