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Bean to cup technology

All the technology of the world leader in espresso coffee makers

The perfect espresso

PrimaDonna Elite incorporates all the experience, know-how and technology of the world leader in espresso coffee maker to guarantee each step of coffee preparation is carefully executed

Perfectly ground beans for the best aroma

A fine and even grind is an essential element in extracting the best coffee aroma. De’Longhi’s conical metal grinders are calibrated with 100% accuracy and are tested to guarantee the perfect powder thinness is produced. The grinding level can be manually adjusted with ease allowing the thinness to be adjusted according to personal taste and coffee bean blend.

Always the optimal temperature

To release and preserve the full aroma of a fresh ground coffee, the right extraction temperature of between 88° and 96° is fundamental. De’Longhi bean to cup coffee makers are equipped with a thermoblock system dedicated only to heat the water for coffee preparation (steam and milk preparation has an independent system). An advanced electronic system guarantees the precision of the optiaml brewing temperature.

Only the freshest brew

To savour an excellent espresso, is essential that the coffee is brewed using “just ground” powder, replicating the methods used in coffee shops. De’Longhi bean to cup coffee makers only grind the necessary amount of coffee needed for each beverage in order to preserve the aroma of the beans. The Tubeless System reduces the amount of ground coffee left in the grind circuit to a minimum after each preparation. The freshness is also assisted by the aroma saving cover that protects the beans stored in the container.

The heart of the PrimaDonna Elite

The brewing unit doses and tampers the powder just like a professional barista in order to guarantee optimal infusion pressure between 9-12 bar in every brewing cycle and extract the perfect creamy, dense, aromatic, coffee. The De’Longhi patented brewing unit has a variable chamber able to hold different quantities of coffee powder to always ensure a perfect in-cup result, indipendently from the aroma level. It can even brew 2 cups of coffee at the same time with the same outstanding result.

The perfect milk drinks

PrimaDonna Elite, thanks to the exclusive LatteCrema System, always ensures a dense and creamy froth and a silky smooth texture for your cappuccino and all your coffee-based milk drinks.

the perfect density
the perfect creaminess
the perfect temperature
...until the last drop!

From hot to frothed milk

The dedicated steaming system that prepares the milk works independently from the coffee preparation process to quickly generate steam for either a silky, smooth hot milk or a velvety soft milk foam. The software within our high-precision electronic control always ensures the necessary quantity of steam is generated at the optimal temperature to create the perfect in-cup results, just you like it.

The secret behind a perfect milk foam

The De’Longhi exclusive LatteCrema System uses a mixing device that automatically delivers a dense, rich, long-lasting milk foam – just like a professional Barista! The desired quantity of foam can be selected thanks to the regulator dial; De’Longhi’s technicians have perfected the method of skilfully mixing air, milk and steam with absolute accuracy to create the ultimate soft but compact milk froth.

Thermal jug

Thermal double wall

One of the secrets to serving a great foam is to use cold milk. The double wall has been designed to keep milk at an ideal temperature for longer.

Easy cleaning

Quick, automatic self-cleaning after every use for a superior hygiene.


Carafe can be stored in the fridge to keep milk fresh when not using it.

Mix carafe

The ECAM 650.85.MS is equipped with a special carafe which includes interchangeable stirrers to easily prepare creamy hot chocolate or froth a light yet compact cold coffee or milk foam.

Designed to mix ice and coffee for a refreshing coffee experience or whip up light cold milk foam. (The ECAM 650.85.MS comes with two exclusive coffee-bean shaped ice cube trays)
The electronically controlled magnetic tool automatically varies the speed to always produce the best results.
Shaped to beautifully combine milk and cocoa powder to prepare a delicious hot chocolate

Primadonna Elite Range


ECAM 650.85.MS

4.3" Touch Screen Display
Bluetooth App Connection
Advanced beverages features

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ECAM 650.75.MS

4.3" Touch Screen Display
Bluetooth App Connection
Chocolate feature

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ECAM 650.55.MS

3.5" Display and Soft Touch buttons
Bluetooth App Connection

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