Water filter + EcoDecalk (500ml) DLSC002 + DLSC500

Coffee Maker Accessories

Eco-friendly universal descaling solution for all coffee & espresso machines. A natural and efficient limescale remover, made with high quality plant origin lactic acid.

Used regularly extends the life of the machine, preserves the energy efficiency and guarantees always the best coffee flavor and crema.
The 500ml bottle allows to perform 5 descaling cycles.

Now more convenient in a multipack with the Water Softening Filter, that optimises water quality, ensuring you the intense flavour and natural aroma of good coffee.

Using the filter reduces the frequency of limescale removal by 20%, which however is necessary each time the indication appears on the display.

Suitable for all coffee machines with filter. The combination of these 2 accessories guarantee always the best coffee experience, together with a perfect maintenance of your coffee machine.

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