Coffee Kimbo Espresso Prestige 1Kg

Coffee Maker Accessories

The best Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia and Perù are perfectly balanced with a selection of Asian Robusta beans.

An espresso with a medium body and sweetness, with hints of caramel, freshly baked biscuits and dried fruits.
The finish is pleasantly acidic with a long-lasting spicy aftertaste.

ROASTING: medium-high.
AROMA: intense.
TASTE: soft.
COMPOSITION: 65% Arabica; 35% Robusta.
ORIGINS: Perù, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indochina.

(Content: 1Kg)

  • Weight (Kg): 1
  • Product size (cm): 14x9x30
  • Quantity/Master (set): 6
  • Size of Master (cm): 31x26x29

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