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Questions we hear the most

  • How frequent to use descaler cleaning and which kind of descaler product to use?

    It depends on water hardness and on the usage frequency of the machine.
    Some models are equipped with a water hardness tester to set properly the machine.
    Automatic machines (*) are equipped with a descale alarm.
    Descaling process on non automatic machine is recommended approximately after 300 coffee or as soon as the machine lower its original performances (approx after 300 coffee)
    Please use De'Longhi's descaler only. Under no circumstances should you use sulphamic or acetic based descalers

  • Which sort of water should I use?

    Ironing systems usually work with tap water. In the case of high calcium content water (hardness higher than 27°F) we suggest using demineralised water diluted with 50% with tap water. Never use demineralised water on its own. Do not use chemical substances or detergents (e.g. scented water, essences, decalcifying solutions, etc.). For further details please consult the product user manual.

  • Can I use a portable air conditioner to cool a room blind?

    You can, but you should be able to download the hot air out through the hose provided. In this case it would be necessary if the blind room adjacent to the external environment, creating a hole in the wall.

  • What are the criteria for choosing a good air conditioner?

    The most important criteria to bear in mind at the time of purchasing an air conditioner are:the type of air conditioner, whether fixed or mobile, one or several units and whether it is also capable of heating by using a heat pump, cooling power, expressed in BTU/h or Watt. You may also consider: energy savings that it may provide, noise levels, which must be low, dehumidification capacity, the presence of additional functions such as: a timer for programming, "sleep" to avoid temperatures dropping too low at the night, air filtering systems, etc. Finally, you must also take into account installation costs for fixed air conditioners and periodic maintenance operations.

  • Can I use any coffee powder to make an espresso?

    No, only powder for espresso machines. Espresso requires a specific range of powder grinding which is different to filter coffee or moka coffee.
    Different type of grinding level, even in espresso range, can provide different tastes.
    On fully automatic machines you can set your grinding level and taste preferences.
    On pump machines the in-cup coffee flavor (stronger or weaker) can be adjusted pressing differently the powder inside the filter holder.

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