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The model number can usually be located on the back or base of the product either on a white or silver label like this:

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Product SKU Description
TASCIUGO ARIADRY DEC 21 Tasciugo AriaDry DEC 21 0148118103 DEC 21
DDSE25 Tasciugo AriaDry Compact DDSE 25 0148725300 DDSE25
ARIA DRY PUMP DD30P Pump System DD30P 0148830204 DD30P
ARIA DRY PUMP DD50P Pump System DD50P 0148850203 DD50P
DDSE 20 Tasciugo AriaDry Compact DDSE 20 0148720201 DDSE 20
DEX 16F DEX 16F 0148716231 DEX 16F
ARIA DRY LIGHT DNC 65 Tasciugo AriaDry Light DNC 65 0148112601 DNC 65