Electric ovens
Bake function
Bake function

This function is perfect for food such as roasts as heat is provided by the upper and lower heating elements of the oven for consistent results. The time and temperature can be set according to weight of the food.

Defrost function
Defrost function

The efficient defrost setting is ideal for those who like to batch cook homemade dishes to save time and reduce waste.

Gratin function
Gratin function

This function is ideal for perfectly browning dishes topped with breadcrumbs or cheese.

Grill function
Grill function

Consistent heat is distributed over the entire width of the upper, heating element for crisp and even results.

Heat convection function
Heat convection function

This function allows the oven to heat up rapidly, needing little or no pre-heating, circulating the heat generated for completely even cooking. It's idea for bread and food that needs to be tender or rare on the inside and well done on the outside such as lamb, roast beef and whole fish.

Keep warm function
Keep warm function
Slow cook function
Slow cook function

Slow cook meat and vegetables dishes such as stews and casseroles for up to 6 hours for tasty and tender results.

Multifunctional knobs
Multifunctional knobs

The multifunctional knobs provide total cooking control allowing you to choose the function and regulate the temperature with ease.

  • Weight (Kg): 11,5
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Colour: Black
  • Auto shut-off and ready bell:
  • Bake function:
  • Bake pan:
  • Controls: 3 multifunctional knobs
  • Crumb tray:
  • Defrost function:
  • Double glass door:
  • External dimensions (wxdxh) (mm): 450x305x495
  • Fan oven power (W): 2000
  • Gratin function:
  • Grill function:
  • Grill power (W): 1200
  • Handle Description: Black plastic with silver insert
  • Ultra convection:
  • Inner walls: Non-stick cavity
  • Internal Volume (l): 24
  • Keep warm function:
  • Max. dimension round plate (cm): 33
  • Maximum input power (W): 2000
  • Oven "ready" light:
  • Oven power (W): 1800
  • Slow Cook function:
  • Thermostat (°C): 100 - 220
  • Timer: 120
  • Wire-rack:

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