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  • Espresso glass
  • 7g Freshly Ground Coffee
  • Aim for 20 seconds extraction time, to deliver 25-30ml
  • Sugar to taste



The basis to all Italian coffee drinks. An espresso is a strong shot of coffee, with a rich intense flavour. A standard espresso is made with 7g of freshly ground coffee, extracted to 25-30ml. A serving should take around 20-25 seconds from beginning to end of delivery to balance the coffee flavours.

The quality of a good espresso is shown by a 3-5mm hazel-coloured ‘crema’. Best served in a pre-heated espresso cup. Add sugar to taste and for a more mellow flavour.The basis to all Italian coffee drinks. 7g of finely ground fresh coffee extracted under pressure in a Pump Espresso or Bean to Cup machine.

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