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Coffee Machine Maintenance Kit

An essential and complete kit for improving the performance, extending the life of your coffee machine and improving coffee taste. 

Compatible with: ECAM and ETAM bean to cup machines. EC680 and EC800 range pump espresso machines. As this pack does not include a water filter it is also compatible with ESAM model bean to cup machines and capsule coffee machines.

Pack contents:

1 x IFD Care Oil 100ml: For maintaining instant frothing systems (IFD System). Used regularly it can help maintain function and lifetime of moving parts.

1 x Milk Clean: Simple and effective cleaning solution to help remove milk deposits on traditional milk frothing and automatic milk frothing system components.

1 x Descaler: 2 x 100ml descaling pack. Essential for correct coffee machine operation over time. Improves machine energy efficiency and coffee taste. Made exclusively from natural, totally biodegradable substances. 

1 x Cleaning items: Includes a microfibre cleaning cloth, a brush (for pipes and grinder) and a spatula.  Cleaning and maintenance guide.

N.B. If you are looking for the care kit which includes a water softener filter click here. Free delivery with all orders over £50. 

Cleaning and maintenance kit for coffee machines
Cleaning and maintenance kit for coffee machines

Contents: 1 Milk Clean 250 ml - milk degraser, 1 Entkalker/Descaler 100 ml x 2, 1 IFD Care Oil 100 ml - lubricating, 1 Microfibre Cloth, 1 Brush, 1 Spatula, 1 Maintanece Guide

  • Container Dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 290x55x250
  • Container Weight (kg): 1.060
  • Individual EAN code: 8004399324848
  • Individual Product Code: SER3012

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