Coffee Accessories & Gifts

De'Longhi has developed a full range of original coffee making accessories and gifts; from stylish thermal coffee glasses to essential consumables that help you to keep your machine in tip-top condition.

Taking good care of the machine significantly reduces the likelihood of malfunction during its lifetime and improves energy efficiency.  It also ensures that it consistently delivers the best coffee aroma, crema and flavour. Machine maintenance takes less than an hour per month and helps you to make the perfect coffee, every time. 

De’Longhi offers a stunning range coffee making gifts. The coffee canister, chocolate shaker and glasses make perfect presents for the coffee connoisseur, or simply useful and beautiful additions to your kitchen or dining area. The glasses are available in three sizes – Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte – and are the perfect vessel in which to serve your coffee and show off the quality and textures to your guests. 

The popular Coffee Care Kit contains everything you need to maintain your machine, or you can purchase the De’Longhi natural descaler or water softener filters separately if you prefer. The milk clean solution cleans and sanitises your milk carafe in seconds and can even be used to gently clean the exterior of your coffee machine. These coffee machine accessories are suitable for espresso machines as well as bean to cup machines and pod machines, and all other types of coffee maker.  

Please remember to check our video content on the descalers, care kit and filters, where you can see how easy it is to use the cleaning accessories, or alternatively our instructional videos can be viewed on our YouTube "How To" Channel.