Dinamica Plus ECAM370.95.T

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  • One Touch Technology

    One Touch Technology

    Prepare your perfect coffee and milk based beverages with a touch of a button. The innovative One Touch technology uses state of the art electronics with intuitive controls for simple and immediate use.

  • Adjustable grinder

    Adjustable grinder

    De'Longhi's conical steel grinders are calibrated with 100% accuracy and are tested to guarantee the perfect coffee powder is produced. The grinding level can be manually adjusted according to personal taste and coffee blend.

  • Thermoblock


    Our De'Longhi Thermoblock system quickly heats the water to the perfect temperature. It does this by only heating the water required for each beverage.

  • Tubeless System

    Tubeless System

    De'Longhi Tubeless System reduces the amount of coffee powder left inside the grinder to a minimum so only newly ground coffee is used to brew your espresso.

  • Twin brewing cycle

    Twin brewing cycle

    Our variable brewing chamber allows greater personalisation of coffee aroma and brewing of two espresso cups at the same time in just one grind.

  • 2 independent heating systems

    2 independent heating systems

    Brew your coffee and milk beverages at the perfect temperature thanks to the two independent heating systems. Having two separate heating systems means there’s one boiler dedicated to the preparation of coffee and another for the preparation of steam for milk froth, both working simultaneously.

  • LatteCrema System Technology

    LatteCrema System Technology

    State of the art Cappuccino and all your milk drinks with the unique LatteCrema System Technology which automatically dispenses the perfect density, the perfect creaminess and the perfect temperature, while the integrated cleaning function ensures easy and secure cleaning of all components.

  • My Menu

    My Menu

    Enter a world of beverages that can be customised and saved with the My Menu function, the perfect way to store your favourite recipes, with your choice of aroma and quantity.

  • Touch TFT colour display

    Touch TFT colour display

    Explore the intuitive interface and functionality with the full colour TFT display. The touch screen technology make using the machine the easiest ever.

  • Easy Clean System

    Easy Clean System

    To guarantee utmost hygiene, the carafe comes with an integrated clean function: after beverage preparation, all parts in contact with milk are washed with hot water and steam. Moreover, the milk carafe components can be placed in the dishwasher for a deeper cleaning.

  • User profiles

    User profiles

    Customise your recipes and manage different profiles, each with their own choice of aroma and quantity.