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[INTERNAL]Bean to Cup: Milk Carafe is sputtering and not frothing

If your milk carafe is sputtering, or not frothing, please see the tutorial video below or carry out the following recommendations:

• Check the setting is on the correctlevelfor the type of drink you are making.•Checkall o-ringsarepresentonthe connector.

• Soak the milk carafe cover using Delonghi Milk Clean Solution, tube and carafe in hot water again using Delonghi Milk CleanSolution for up to 20 minutes. With a small brush clean everywhere possible. The carafe can usually be dismantled – please see the instructions for your machine. Rinse the carafe with warm water.

• Alternatively, put 10ml of De'Longhi milk cleaner into the carafe, and add 90ml of hot water. Place a cup underneath the nozzle, and press the 'clean' button on the jug. Then double tap the Cappuccino or Latte button on your machine, or the 'Milk' button, in order to deliver only milk. Wait until all of the solution has passed through the jug. Rinse the carafe, add water, and repeat.

• Use a small brush or cloth to clean the milk carafe outlet on the appliance. You can use De'Longhi IFD (Instant Frothing Device) oil to keep the outlet lubricated.

• Milk delivery should now be rectified.

Please note the 'Clean' button or dial should be activated after every milk delivery session. We would recommend the carafe cover is cleaned once a week. The De'Longhi milk cleaner should be used regularly. This will prolong the life of your milk delivery system.

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