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EC9665.M La Specialista Maestro Manual coffee maker

Premium barista experience for coffee connoisseurs. Experiment a symphony of coffee and milk like no other

  • £999.99
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La Specialista Maestro offers an indulgent and aspirational experience. It has been created to enhance every coffee and milk preparation, from getting the best out of each type of coffee bean to experimenting with your favourite milk recipes. Thanks to De'Longhi technology, experience and know-how, coffee connoisseurs will become a pro Barista in their home.

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  • Sensor Grinding Technology for consistent grinding texture
  • Barista control with variable dosing and consistent tamping, all inside the machine
  • Dynamic pre-infusion and Active Temperature Control when brewing optimise the coffee extraction
  • 2 milk frothing options: automatic for convenience, manual for the barista experience
  • 6 pre-set recipes for an optimal cup in minutes
Grinding settings
The advanced grinder is equipped with two sensors to deliver a consistent coffee dose. 8 grind settings to manage different types of coffee beans.
Smart Tamping Station
Reach consistent pressure results on the dose, without any mess of spilled coffee ground. Everything happens inside the machine.
Active temperature control
High performing Thermoblock with controlled temperature system, which ensures temperature stability when brewing. 5 temperature profiles bring out the full flavour of the beans.
Dynamic preinfusion
The pre-infusion lenght is adapted to the density of the coffee dose to ensure the entire surface of the pod is evenly wet, for an optimal extraction


The most important maintenance procedure is descaling when the descale warning light comes on. It’s a simple procedure and you should only use De’Longhi specific descaling solution. This removes limescale from the inside of the machine and keeps it working at the optimum level.  

Watch this short video that explains how to set up your De'Longhi PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM 510.55.M bean-to-cup coffee machine for the first time.


The model number is typically printed on a rating plate at the base of your machine.It will usually be a combination of letters and numbers, for example ESAM5500.M, KBO1401 and PACN115EC

Watch this short video showing what is included in pack with the De'Longhi PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM 510.55.M bean-to-cup coffee machine.

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5 2 reviews
Anthony Anthony 14-01-2021

Great coffee, couldn't be happier!

What a piece of kit! If you're looking for a real barista style coffee machine, this is the one for you. Very easy to use straight out of the box. There's a lot to get stuck into with adjusting the grinder settings and tweaking the dosage & tamp for the perfect espresso. There's lots to learn! The automatic milk steamer is easy to use and will froth milk perfectly for a flat white, latte or cappuccino for you. The auto cleaning function on this auto milk steamer is a great feature, so easy. The machine also has a manual milk steamer wand to froth your milk yourself like a barista, although my latte art skills need some practice. There is also a hot water tap for tea. I can't recommend this machine enough if you want to feel like a real barista and enjoy proper coffee at home.

GamerNyx GamerNyx 12-01-2021

Nice coffee and not too complicated to use

I have been waiting for this to release for an age - the site originally said launch was October but finally I have managed to get one! Been drinking nasty readymix coffees while I wait. Firstly, the coffee is amazing, but I knew it would be as I have owned a Delonghi machine before. Where this is really different is the looks - it is stunning!! Really easy to clean as well, and easy to descale. People comment about the machine whenever they see it when I am working on Zoom. I practiced on 3 cups and mastered everything really quickly. Much bigger than my old pump machine, but a real beauty. Thanks!

EC9665.M La Specialista Maestro Manual coffee maker

EC9665.M La Specialista Maestro Manual coffee maker

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