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Massimo Barnabà: Sensory analysis education

“Humans are full of sensory receptors that decipher and decode the various inputs that received from the outside world.”

Massimo, an expert in sensory analysis of coffee, looks at the difference between aroma and taste and finds out how senses can be trained to collect and interpret the sensory stimuli of coffee.​​​​​​​

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Sensory analysis is the discipline that aims to arouse, collect and interpret the sensory stimuli collected by the human body. This helps determine, for example, the difference between the aroma of coffee and its taste. At a chemical level there are over a thousand different flavours of coffee, and although humans can only dedicate a percentage of those, the sense organs reveal more than enough information to understand the full characteristics of coffee drinks, such as whether it’s well-prepared with fruity aromas or whether it is badly prepared, burned or under-extracted or over-extracted. Massimo himself prefers coffee in all its forms, but without milk and without sugar.


A harmony of art and science, enjoyed by coffee experts

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