Cool Touch RotoFry Low Oil Deep Fryer 2.2 lb - D28313UKBK

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  • Tilted Rotating Basket: Achieve crispier and healthier results with half the oil usage by using the tilted rotating basket.
  • Oil Draining System: No longer deal with messy, hot oil with the patented easy clean oil draining system. Simply pull out the hose stored in the front of the fryer and drain the oil.
  • Filter System: Keep the odor and oil vapors from lingering in your kitchen with the included filter.
  • Non-Stick Interior: Enjoy the quick and simple cleanup.
  • Removable Timer: Don't worry about over-frying, just set the digital removable timer and the alarm will go off to remind you to check the food.
  • High Capacity: Comfortably feed a crowd with the 2.2 lb food capacity.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Enjoy the flexibility of frying foods just the way you like with the adjustable thermostat and indicator light; the temperature can be set between 300 and 370 degrees.
  • Safety Features: Monitor the cooking process safely with the windowed lid and cool touch handle, which raises and lowers the basket while the fryer lid is closed
  • Detachable Cord: Feel safe using the fryer with children around with the detachable cord; the magnetic cord easily detaches from the fryer if accidentally pulled. 
  • Condensation Shield: Prevent oil from dripping onto the cord connection with the patented condensation shield.