Lattissima Pro EN 750.MB

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  • De’Longhi patented “Rapid Cappuccino System”:  Best in class of milk frothing solution.
  • Auto Clean System (integrated in the milk carafe): Automatic Rinsing function.
  • Fast Heating Time: Ready in 25” for coffee and 40” for milk.
  • Removable Milk Carafe (0,5 l): Can be placed in the refrigerator after use.
  • Electronic Touch Controls: With self-explaining display and option menu.
  • Beverage Options: Enjoy 6 pre-set available beverages plus hot water.
  • Customizable Settings: All drinks can be easily personalized and memorized by varying the quantity of milk and of coffee.
  • Coffee Spout: Increased height up to 15cm.
  • Nespresso Capsule System: Complete with LED illuminated capsule container and separate collecting container for used capsules (up to 15 capsules).
  • High-performing 19-bar pressure pump: Achieves the perfect aroma.
  • Thermoblock Heating System: Provides the perfect temperature control.
  • Removable Water Reservoir: Makes cleaning the machine a breeze!  
  • Cable Storage: Located underneath the machine to adjust cable length.
  • Telescopic Hot Water Spout: With dedicated side drawer.
  • Energy Saver: Auto Power Off mode setting after 9 minutes from the last coffee, with adjustable option.