Glasses, Descaling Solution & Accessories

Enjoy an indulgent coffee experience with the De'Longhi range of espresso drink glassware, and keep your machine protected with our specialist cleaning solutions.

Enjoy the perfect coffee-house experience from home with our range of glass espresso cups and cappuccino and latte glasses. Capture the perfect ombre in a macchiato, or the thick, foamy head on a cappuccino, for picture-perfect coffee at home. Serve espresso in traditional espresso shot glasses, and enjoy all the richness of De’Longhi coffee in its purest form.  All of our cups are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean to the perfect shine.

All of our glass espresso cups come in sets of two, meaning you’ll never have the odd one out, as most of our machines are designed to brew two coffees at once. Our cups are made with two layers of mouth blown borosilicate glass, to keep them thermally insulated, so your drink will stay perfectly warm and free from condensation while you drink. Easy to hold and attractive to look at, our glass espresso cups are the ideal gift for the coffee lover in your life, and a must-have for your kitchen.

Over time, the one thing that destroys coffee machines is lime scale. Hard water will leave chalky deposits on pipes and metal parts that could become blocked, immobile and unsightly. De’Longhi descaling solution has been proven to be up to three times more effective than regular lime scale cleaners, and only uses biodegradable and non-polluting plant-based chemicals, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. Use our descaling solution to effortlessly remove lime scale from your machine and keep it working as if it were new, so you can continue to enjoy perfect coffee for years to come.