Gran Dama Digital Super Automatic ESAM 6620

Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino

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Be your own barista with the Gran Dama! 

The Gran Dama by De’Longhi is an all-in-one stainless steel automatic espresso machine that prepares cappuccinos, lattes or Italian macchiatos with the simple touch of a button and features a compact easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean patented brew group and digital operation.

For the freshest results, the patented direct-to-brew system grinds beans instantly before brewing. With five coffee-strength settings from extra-mild to extra-strong, everyone gets their ideal flavor.

Always know when it's time to clean the machine with the decalcification indicator. Preheat your cups for the best results by using the integrated cup warmer. This machine is safe, convenient, and maintains the ideal temperature for brewing with the instant reheat function. The Gran Dama does all the work for you!  


Place the cup under the nozzle and press the button. You’ll get a perfect Latte, Cappuccino or Italian Macchiato every time! You can also adjust the milk to coffee ratio for your own personal perfect cup.


Five settings for coffee strength: extra-mild, mild, regular, strong, and extra-strong. Four buttons allow you to easily choose the size of cup you want: one or two short coffees or one or two long coffees. The four settings can be customized to your preferred taste.


Press the clean button on the milk tank and it will automatically perform a rinse cycle. Removable used coffee container and drip try for convenient cleaning and easy disposal of coffee waste.

  • Dimensions (wxdxh) inch: 28.5x42.0x38.0
  • Weight (lbs): 13.5
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 120~60
  • Input power (W): 1350
  • Color: Metal
  • Aroma control:
  • Audio Signal:
  • Autoshut OFF:
  • Beans container capacity: 250
  • Cappuccino System cleaning indicator:
  • Coffee grounds container (n°): 14/72h
  • Coffee powder use:
  • Descaling, cleaning and rinsing program:
  • Maximum cup height: 15.25 cm/6 in
  • Display: 4-line text
  • IFD System:
  • New silent grinder with 13 setting:
  • Power supply switch:
  • Programmable swicth-on:
  • Programmable water hardness:
  • Pump pressure (bar): 15
  • Removable drip tray with level indicator:
  • Removable infuser unit:
  • Removable water reservoir:
  • Selection for 1 cup:
  • Selection for 2 cups:

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How do I descale my fully automatic coffee machine?

All of our fully automatic coffee machines have a dedicated descaling process.We recommend using our De’Longhi descaling solution, which is designed specifically for our machines.Please refer to the instruction manual for more information about how to descale your particular unit. 

Can I make hot chocolate with my fully automatic machine?

  • Yes. If your unit is equipped with an external frother, you can make hot chocolate using chocolate and milk.
  • If your unit is only equipped with a milk tank, we DO NOT recommend using a chocolate powder in the milk container. You can make hot milk using the machine and add your chocolate powder to your cup separately.
  • The ESAM6900 is equipped with a separate hot chocolate feature.  

How can I increase the temperature of my coffee on my premium fully automatic coffee machine?

The temperature of your coffee can be increased by taking the following steps:

  • Press the rinse button before requesting a coffee.
  • Pre-warm the cups on the shelf of your machine.
  • Alternatively add hot water to the cup and empty before coffee delivery.
  • Turn off the “eco” settings. 

How do I clean my automatic milk system?

  • After each milk preparation, it is essential to always carry out the cleaning of the milk circuit, simply by turning the dial to the 'Clean' setting or, depending on the model of your machine, pressing and holding the 'Clean' button for a few seconds. Doing so will remove any debris that may block the milk ducts. 
  • Keep the milk container lid clean by washing it in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher at least once a week. 
  • Ensure that the connector on the machine is also free from debris, paying particular attention to the o-rings on the connector. 
  • For best results, clean your machine monthly with the De'Longhi milk cleaning solution. 

I have a missing part on my new fully automatic coffee machine. What can I do?

Please contact our toll free number (For US 1-866-528-8323; For Canada 1-888-335-6644).


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